La filosofia della nostra azienda si basa sull’artigianalità  italiana, infatti il nostro lavoro  consiste nel creare e assemblare pezzi unici utilizzando stili e abbinamenti innovativi con materiale di riciclo.Il progetto nasce dall’amore per il vintage e un’enorme bagaglio di idee e concetti nascosti dietro ogni capo conservato nel nostro archivio di ricerca a Lugo di Ravenna. Con un pizzico di divertimento e tanta passione abbiamo scoperto di essere in grado di creare modelli di borse all’avanguardia e uniche che rappresentano il gusto e design italiano
Silent People’s philosophy and aesthetics are based on the roots of Italian crafstsmanship by creating and assembling one-of-a-kind pieces with innovative  styles and pairings from recycled elements.
Our project is the product of love for vintage, desire to bring together fashion and art and it all takes inspiration in our huge research archive in Lugo di Ravenna.
With a bit of fun and passion for design we’ve discovered to be able to create unique and avant-garde styles of handbags and totes which transmit the undisputed sense of Italian taste.

                        Filippo Biancoli,  Silent People


Through the  interview to Silent People Italia I learned a lot about the founder’s cultural background and philosophy. Filippo Biancoli answered my questions as follows :

Can you give me a brief description of your artistic and professional background?

My artistic background has its roots in my own passion for vintage. I began selling and loaning vintage clothing and accessories to stylists who were interested in getting new starting points for their collections. Besides this, I also started to make research in different European countries trying to improve my knowledge. During this period, I realized that Italian craftsmanship in particular strongly influenced worldwide fashion history so my passion for Italian manufacturers grew more and more.

Can you  tell me something about your creative philosophy?

Our creative philosophy involves returning to the roots of genuine craftsmanship where every single piece is studied and assembled with care thus making it unique. We want to transmit our passion for the past and amuse the present with innovating and unusual pairings. Products are grounded in the famous Italian taste and style but the most important ingredient is passion which keeps the wheels in our mind spinning. Moreover that bit of fun we experience while putting ideas together makes us dare creating special pieces which cannot be unnoticed.

How was your passion for fashion born?

Due to my passion for vintage and Italian manufacture I started testing old Italian artisans and creating bags with innovative pairings and design. The results were excellent since Italians have an innate sense of aesthetics and they are very skilled at processing all types of materials. At this point, I thought I could come up  with a new product seen from a different point of view, so I founded Silent People Italia in 2010

Dove Siamo

Silent People
Via Vincenzo Monti 20
48022 Lugo di Romagna (Ravenna) – Italy
t. – fax : +39 0545 31945 mobile English – Spanish : +39 328 6685086 

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